The DRPFD site publishes only one image a day, as long as there is an image waiting to be published.

The site is my latest attempt to send photos into the world without having to submit to the corporate world of social media 2.0: No apps. No data tracking. No bait-and-switch. No subscription fees. A realm set apart from likes and shares and the unrelenting pace of the attention economy.

The aim of the site is to allow anyone to receive the content in a variety of formats. The webpage is the most obvious way in, but you can also subscribe via email, subscribe via RSS, or follow it via ActivityPub (such as on Mastodon).

I queue images up intermittently, but the site slows down and takes its time. It will only publish one image a day at most, because sometimes we need less content rather than more.

The site is an evolution of my previous Disposable Evidence project, which is now retired.

You can find more of my internet trials, and ways to contact me, at exmosis.net.

Background Technicals

Website hosting:

  • Self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi (v1 Model B+, and slow and flakey with it – upgrade likely)
  • Mythic Beasts for emails in and out


  • WordPress
  • ActivityPub plugin for ActivityPub and Mastodon integration
  • Hummingbird plugin for site optimisation
  • Icegram Express plugin for mail-outs
  • Postie plugin for queue processing
  • Simple Custom CSS and JS for theme over-rides
  • Webmention plugin for Webmention integration
  • WebP Express plugin for image optimisation
  • Wordfence Security for WordPress security
  • WP Mail SMTP for sending email


  • K-9 Mail on Android for submitting images
  • Send Reduced Lite for image resizing
  • Fairphone 3+ for camera
  • Snapseed for image editing